Chile is the defining ingredient of this regional cuisine. Red and green chile is native to New Mexico, and is harvested each fall at different times of ripeness. Green chile, which is picked earlier than red, is considered a super food by some, containing more vitamin c than citrus fruit, and creating a "high" similar to the endorphins produced when exercising. We use Bueno chile in all our dishes, which has been owned and operated by the Baca family since 1951.

Green Chile Kitchen Marin is a collaboration between Trevor Logan and Santa Fe, New Mexico native Ted Razatos. Razatos comes from a long line of restaurateurs. His family opened the highly acclaimed Plaza Cafe in downtown Santa Fe in 1947. It's the oldest restaurant in town and serves authentic traditional dishes.  

Green Chile Kitchen + Cantina is proud to be part of the Art Works Downtown building in downtown San Rafael.  Art Works Downtown exists to broaden and deepen our community's engagement with art. They work to connect artists and the public by providing affordable studio, housing and exhibition space; business opportunities and professional support for artists and arts organizations; and education and outreach for the public. Everything they do serves to strengthen the creative fabric of the local community and promote art as a vital part of public life in San Rafael, Marin County and beyond. AWD was established in 1997. Check out more about Art Works downtown here.

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